Friday, May 27, 2016

Traditional news wants new media to fund them

A think tank has called for online giants Google and Facebook to pay for the news they take from media outlets and then use on their own websites.

No, it is actually a real article!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Does Digital Help Create Social Isolation?

Social Isolation is where a person (or people) have a complete or near-complete lack of contact with the society in which they live.
  • News websites mean you don't need to walk out and buy a newspaper or go to the library
  • eCommerce websites and apps mean you don't have to go to the shops
  • Online games mean your kids don't want to walk out to the local park and kick a ball about
  • Virtual Reality cuts you off from everything so that you don't even have to engage with a real person (or possibly a human looking avatar)
However, in creating online / digital systems and products that allow an individual to communicate with a computer user interface, but not a real human... are we actually adding to this isolation?