Friday, November 20, 2009

Dow Jones new tool to engage bloggers and journos

For too long PR and other media relations people have needlessly spammed journalists and (more recently) bloggers with their irrelevant releases.

Emails titled "For Immediate Release" constantly fall into our inboxes in the hope that we will write about the latest product or service. But most are sent with little actual targeting of their subject or audience and are quickly dismissed and deleted.

But with the release of the Dow Jones Media Relationship Manager ( this could all change..... hopefully.

This tool apparently understands what journalists and bloggers are covering and enables them to be contacted with relevant and personalised messages.

One does wonder if this is an automated or human process, how often their index is updated and therefore the ways that bloggers & journalists can be entered onto / removed from this list, or else it may up as yet another spamming tool that will automatically end up in the deleted folder, saving a lot of us the effort of putting there ourselves!

in reference to: Dow Jones Media Relations Manager (view on Google Sidewiki)
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