Sunday, August 26, 2012

Still treading lightly with Social Media?

Social Media is everywhere now and is almost become a laughable topic (if you follow the exploits of fake PR person @perfect_siobhan from the tv show TwentyTwelve, then it really is).

To me it seems that nearly everyone in all parts of the business is now talking about "social media", "engagement" and other similar buzzword. It's like they have just learnt how to play Social Media Bullshit Bingo.

It is now part of various job descriptions across organisations and, for a lot of middle managers, if you don't mention it at a job review or interview, then you kind of feel left back in the 20th Century.
Also (finally), pressure is now coming from the top of the corporate tree to "do something social" or (if they are a touch enlightened) to "create a social media strategy".

But hang on. We've had the issue of 'Return on Investment' to deal with for several years now. And in my words from a while back... If you can't justify moving up the levels of the Social Media Maturity Matrix, then don't!

So before you tread heavily with Social, tread lightly but quickly.
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