Monday, March 11, 2013

What exactly is a good Klout score?

I've recently had my Klout score drop a couple of points. Apparently I'm now only valued at 59, whereas only a few weeks ago this was at 61.

But be honest, I've no idea what this means... Is 59 good, bad or middle- of-the-road?

For those that don't know, Klout is one of several services that tries to gives you a value of your online (and primarily your social media ) influence. There was even some mutterings in the past that these sorts of metrics would be used by potential employers to short-list candidates for specific roles.*
However, in my opinion it doesn't seem to actually be a measure of anything valuable.

Firstly, how am I to compare two different people, with different roles, but with the same score? And secondly, I've never blogged more, built up more followers on Twitter or had more traffic to my company website than in the last few weeks... And yet I've had a 3-4% drop in my digital influence dished out.

I hardly think I'll worry if my score drops further.

* In my experience, most companies looking to hire social media savvy staff haven't a clue how to measure their modern market impact.
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