Monday, April 3, 2017

Is IT using the wrong names?

It must be hard for those following the IT Industry as it grows and errrr.... develops.
Recruitment agents, journalists, senior managers, HR / Talent people, etc. They must all think we make up terms just to baffle them.

Let's take a few:

A technology for automatically deploying servers to an environment.
Not a doll or a Thunderbird pilot.

A continuous deployment devops tool for groups.
Not a Sweedish muppet (see above) or a cleaver wielding ego maniac who now sells stock cubes.

An approach to software development where which pieces of code are packaged in a standardized way for subsequent reuse.
Not a metal box you see by the docks.

However.... perhaps us technologists make life more difficult for ourselves and should actually give things new names, rather than appropriating terms from outside the industry?

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