Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Press Pages

Throughout my web development career I've developed numerous sites that have an area called: 'About Us', 'Press', 'Company Information', 'New Releases' and other such titles. These sections of content are mainly run by the PR divison or external communications department. They have historically been a one-way publish method of getting B2C and B2B communications out to your audience. It is written in a professional way and focusing on one particular subject (person, product offering, change in service, etc.)
See Pressbox's guidance on how to do this well:

Companies want control over their communications. They want the 'official' line to be given how and when they want.


Haven't things changed now?
With the advent of an empowered audience and the ability to place news & opinions in the hands of everyone.... isn't there:
A place for a more social method of communication, even for companies?
A place between the company blog and the press release.
A place to see user feedback and customers thoughts
A place where the official communication can be shared, either with the public or other companes?
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