Monday, April 27, 2009

A license to nil

From Press 2.0 - Communications in a digital world

This is a warning I found some months ago above the photocopier in a client's office. Yes, you read that correctly, you can't photocopy anything from a newspaper of you will breach copyright of the Newspaper Licensing Agency:

So, what do the NLA do?

Is it me, or does that 'TLA' [three letter acronym] make them sound like a terrorist organisation?

Well, the NLA was set up in 1996 in the UK to manage and collect revenue from those who want to copy newspaper articles (or impose fines for those that have already done it).
However, if you read the article, understand it and rewrite the article in your own words, then that's ok isn't it?....
Hint: That's what one newspaper does when it reads an article its competitor has written and wants to make it seem like it also knew about the same story.
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