Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Google relaxing trademarks now?

Ok, its not usual for me to keep on about a subject for too long (especially when there's so much out there to blog about), but following on from last weeks postings [Monday and Wednesday]about Google and trademarks, there have been further developments in this area....

Last week, it announced that will ease its restrictions on trademarked terms in adverts in Google. Now brands can both positively and negatively mention each other in their PPC activity. Some see this as an opportunity to communicate their exact product offerings, others just see it as Google trying to squeeze more revenue out of their search marketing service.

Either way this is yet another blow for those companies who are trying to prevent their competitors marketing to their customers on the popular search engine. Where previously some brands avoided the crowded (and potentially monopolistic) search engine, they now may not have any choice but to out-bid others to protect their own trademarks and revenue.
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