Friday, August 21, 2009

Palm Pre to challenge iPhone

No, I know I usually blog about corporate comms, newspapers and ecommerce strategy, but I couldn't let the launch of the Palm Pre go by without mentioning it.
"What do you mean by 'imminent'?" I hear you ask.

Ok, O2 in the UK are planning on a December launch of the 'iPhone challenger' but its already available across the Atlantic Pond and over here O2 are already turning on the buzz machine with this video:

So what does this video do?

Well, it provides what the UK version of Palm's website doesn't... it provides we with enough UK-specific information to still want one! We know its been out in the USA for over 2 months and some of us over here think its could be the answer (the question being "why doesn't my iPhone work when I wear gloves?")

Sure, you can browse along to (which is just a re-hash of their US-centric blog) but come on Palm... if the Pre is to be any good, you've got to get the market primed & ready for the anticipated Xmas launch... and that means starting very very soon doesn't it? Of else i'll have to face another winter without gloves........
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