Thursday, December 3, 2009

Russell and Bromley - where is your website

In this modern age of digital communications, it is refreshing to see some companies bucking the trend and refusing to put up a website. Russell and Bromley is one such company that has thought better of taking advantage of any: online messaging, customer contact information or store locator to help customers actually find their High Street shops...let along putting up images of their product or (heavens forbid) selling stuff online.

No, instead they have decided to block user access to and have a server error message displayed there.
This has also obviously been the case for some while as they have even managed to get their main URL de-listed from Google.

So having seen this error message displayed for over a week, I rang up the company and asked them if they knew this was the case.... only to be told by the person answering that "Yes, we were aware and we will be putting up a website some time in the new year"

How disappointing... they are obviously doing so well in ignoring Christmas and the holiday sale period online, I'm surprised they have time to work on this new site at all.

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