Friday, January 8, 2010

Amazon's Kindle DX to ship to the UK

The new Kindle DX is now available to pre-order from and is scheduled to start shipping from January 19.

This larger eReader costs $489 and apparently comes with global wireless, which makes it possible for people in more than 100 countries to download books, magazines & newspapers.

But... the device still has to be ordered from the US site and will no-doubt come with an American power adaptor. In addition, that $489 / £305 price tag will then be subject to 17.5% UK VAT (Value Added Tax) plus whatever duties are due.

There is also no word yet on whether the International Kindle DX will suffer the same issue as affected the International Kindle released in October 2009. This had images from subscriptions (such as daily newspapers or lovely photo-rich magazines ) deliberately restricted to keep Amazon's roaming costs down.
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