Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The most Social Brands of 2009

2009 was really the year that marketers from mainstream brands adopted social media and the percentage of companies not using social media has dropped significantly (apparently eMarketer state that this has gone from 43% to only 9% now, but I can't the link when putting this posting together).

So who were the most social brands of 2009?

Vitrue's survey of over 2000 brands in 2009 showed iPhone, Disney and CNN to be the top 3 (the rest are here on the Vitue blog, with some interesting purposeful omissions such as Google and Facebook).

The monthly social radar by Infegy / Buzzstudy in November 2009 (December should be compiled very soon) includes some personal brands missed from Vitrue's, such as 'Obama'.

I'm not sure I agree with either of these, but its interesting to see brands such as Adidas significantly increasing their social media activity over the last year, probably due to activity such as Adidas.tv, a global hub for sportswear video content on Hulu.com
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