Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Digital Strategy - the basics

I'm currently working with a few businesses to trying to help them make the most of digital communications, technologies, sales, etc.

No matter what the size of the organisation is, I recommend putting together a digital strategy. This doesn't have to be a huge document starting with a table of contents and ending with several appendices... It can just start with just a statement of intent and evolve from there. All journeys have to start with a first step in one direction....

Its also surprising when you find out that even the basics haven't been thought-out. So for those who have yet to consider the essentials.... here's a few key pointers and examples to get you started:

Q1: What are your business aims?
To maximise the business benefit of the web. To either improve the financial position of the company by increasing revenue and\or reducing costs or to improve the perception of the brand (which has potential longer-term revenue consequences).
Note: Having actual figures at his point (e.g. x% increase in y) gives your aims some actual meaning.

Q2: What other business strategies / plans do you need to consider?
We need to integrate the company brand & communications approach, our short & long-term sales & marketing plans as well as key parts of the IT and Operations road map.

Q3: How are you going to grow your business online?
Use a combinations of the following:
Acquiring new customers
Retain existing customers
Re-engage & re-activate lapsed customers
Convert all customers better

Have you covered the basics?
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