Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making blogging easier

Keeping a blog can be a hard old job sometime. For me, its proved to be difficult to combine long working days, parental responsibilities (I've just become a dad for the second time) and some form of social life on top.
I use as my blogging platform of choice, as I like the tools available (compared to WordPress for example). However I have also used the email to blog solutions such as from time to time and find them incredibly easy to use..... and perhaps if I was starting over again, I would now use such as service.
Its therefore very helpful that Blogger now provide similar email to blog functionality. Something that allows me to compose and post my thoughts, without either needing to log on to the main site or write an article in a word processing package and then cut & paste the words across when I get an internet connection.
BTW: This posting is actually my first posting using this service.
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