Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Social Media - a platform for complaints

When everyone first got excited about the Social Media Goldrush back in 2008 - 2009 the same stories circled round and round. We all know them.... the Dell Hell blog, etc.
Things haven't got much better several years on. Recently, peeved about a new $5 monthly bank fee imposed by Bank of America, Molly Katchpole logged on to the Change.org website to start an online petition urging the bank to reconsider imposing monthly fees on debit card users. Quickly more than 300,000 people joined her  campaign demanding the bank drop what they saw as an monthly usage charge and the bank backed down. Many not credit Molly with eliminating debit card fees for the Bank of America and others.
Today's consumers are relentlessss with their expectations and complaints about brands - and with easy access to site like TripAdvisor (for travel users) and tools like Twitter, their words can go far. 

It seems that Social Media has now provided a platform for complains and potentially helps foster a Culture of Dissatisfaction online.
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