Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the corporate layers - an idea developed

In a recent post I started to work through my thoughts around the development of McKinsey's company software layer concept. I mentioned that I thought there was at least one obvious omission (e.g. web services) and that a single layer to explain it all was too simple.

So now I find myself putting forward an evolved version of this idea, unashamedly taking McKinsey's model as the basis of it.
Corporate layers
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As you can see from my embedded presentation there are now five proposed layers rather than just two.

  1. Core business processes
  2. Web services & API’s
  3. Owned media such as website(s), Apps, Kiosks, etc.
  4. Paid media such as online advertising (PPC, etc.)
  5. Earned media such as Social, Word-of-mouth, etc.
Although I believe the lines between owned, paid and earned are now becoming increasingly blurred, there is a place for each of the different communication media in my new model.

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