Wednesday, June 13, 2012

eCommerce Directors for Dummies

I think there needs to be a new book added to the 'Dummies' range. One that explains the basics for some people on the subject of leading an ecommerce department. Why? Well, it seems that not everyone who reaches this role necessarily knows all the key points needed to stay in it.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you told everyone that you know all about pay-per-click strategies, but secretly wonder what all this chat about "AdWords" is?
  • Have you got an understanding of conversion rates, but aren't too sure if it is orders divided by visitors or orders divided by visits?
  • Do you think data-driven marketing is looking at your Google Analytics to see how your email campaigns are going?

If so, then perhaps you need a copy! (if it is ever published).

Note: Apologies to the 'Dummies' books for such a blatant copyright infringement

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