Sunday, May 19, 2013

A data-driven digital strategy

Having a digital strategy for your organisation is a stepping stone to taking advantage of online channels to: make money, save money, maintain & improve service and deliver your brand promise.

Easy eh?

Well... no.

Having a digital strategy is better than not having one, but having the wrong one (or half of one) can be detrimental. And typically the wrong digital strategy is one that doesn't focus on the right things. For example just basing a digital plan on the deployment, use and support of online applications is giving yourself too narrow a scope.

If I could therefore give everyone just one  piece of advice, it is to create a data driven digital strategy; an approach that is:

1. Powered by information from your digital analytics

2. Informed by insight from analysts, who use different data sources to give your organisation a true picture of what your customers are doing and also want from you.

3. Continually updated based upon the most recent understanding of users, trends, their goals and the value this creates for your business.

4. Full of facts, rather than assumptions and guesses

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