Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Offer sites are NOT digital shopper marketing

I was recently shown the discount & offers website Casabu and was quite impressed with it. This useful registration-based site has several promotions that offer up to 90% discounts for items that mums might want to buy for their children.

This site was shown to me by a friend as with the description "Hey, you work with digital shopper marketing projects. This is a great example of an online shopper website". However, on this point I took exception.

In my opinion sites that provide discounts and promotions are not digital shopper marketing initiatives, they are what they are... useful platforms for registered people to buy a restricted set of products at heavily reduced prices.

For me, digital shopper marketing sites (in theory part of your multi-channel shopper marketing strategy) should not just give you offers or promotions, which are tasks that you carry out once you've decided to make your move towards purchase. Online shopper marketing should also be there to to guide and influence the shopper's decision to buy with persuasive content.
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