Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Digital Darwinism Doesn't Have A Start Date

Digital Darwinism, the evolution of online services, propositions and systems that will eventually change every industry, is a concept that has been gradually creeping up on most people.

It's the little changes we don't see happening every day that add up to a lot over a short period.
  • When did you start relying on Uber (or some other more ethical ride hailing App) to get you home after a late night in the office? 
  • When did you start using the term "to Google" rather than just "to search online?"
  • When did you start discussing that new Netflix series, as opposed to the regularly scheduled broadcast TV show you used to watch?
  • When did you start ordering your household goods on Amazon?
  • When did you start playing YouTube videos, rather than play music from your CD collection?

In the end you realise that there's less and less likely that there was a specific date for when you actually started doing these things... it just sort of happened. Or if you are a young person, you don't actually recall a date when many of these things were not the norm.

Evolution isn't a thing that happens to other creatures and people, with digital technologies the best example is happening right now.
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