Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Make your content portable!

Think about all those assets that you produce and would like a bigger/better audience for:
  • Your company introduction video that you have spent a fortune on
  • The company press release that you would like circulated to a larger number
  • A set of product images that you paid a professional photographer to take

Please realise that all sorts of users will:

  • Copy, lampoon or just ridicule that video (e.g. Chevy Tahoe)
  • Mis-quote your press release
  • Alter your photos from your website (or make their own)

However, although this is a challenge for brand managers to track, let alone 'police'... it is also a significant opportunity. By selecting ways of making your content more portable, quotable and re-purpose-able... you provide assets for your influcencers to use and hopefully keep coming back for more.

Just remember that they will use your content whether you like it or not. Its therefore better if they use it with your permission and on your terms isn't it?

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