Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Press Releases & SEO

Putting your Company press releases up on your main site has several benefits, including:
- the ability to hyperlink through to the specific products & services mentioned
- providing an email link to the author (or other people mentioned)
- providing consistent branding/headings with the rest of your online presence
- bringing the content under your own management to ensure the correct timings (or should it ever need to be changed... note: this is a very risky activity to engage in).

However on-site press releases are also of benefit as part of an effective Search Engine Optimisation Strategy for your site.

To get the best from this useful resource, you should not just consider that you are writing for a human (e.g. journalist) but that you are also writing for a machine (e.g. the Google search bot, that will try to spider and index your site correctly).

For the human:
Ensure you have engaging content in the correct tone, try to engender an emotion response from your reader.

For the machine:
Ensure you have keyword optimized your content, including key phrases that will be subsequenlty searched for

These two approaches are not necessarily contradictory, but more thought does have to be applied to cover both perspectives.

However, it does not stop there!
Once released, you can now start to measure the traffic to your press release, understanding the entrance points and in the particular keywords used to get there. This will give you great insight into what attracts your visitors to the page and how to write better subsequent releases.

The Social Press Release (in all its various versions) goes a lot further than this. But an understanding of the human/machine requirements intially goes a long way.
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