Friday, March 7, 2008

Influencing Usability

A recent article from US consulting company ServiceXRG has published its research to confirm what I have also believed for a while:

That you can significantly influence your users by providing a positive user experience on your website.

The report (freely available here) provides supporting evidence to explain its main finding:
1. Customers perceptions are influenced by online experiences
2. Customers have purpose, but need help obtaining their goals
3. Effective tools and content are essential to lead customers to their desired outcome
4. The content customers need does not exist, or if they do find it, the quality is less than they expected

Based on interviews with 503 online customers and 311 companies, this research shows how customers use the Web to make purchase decisions. It explains what companies can do to provide users with an experience that meets and exceeds their expectations. is lucky enough to be asked to work on developing usable and persuasive interfaces. This assists both the company bottom line and the online experience of the user.
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