Thursday, August 21, 2008

(Online) Video Killed the Television Star?

There are two views on how TV and YouTube will get along in the future
  1. YouTube is a threat to TV and will become its demise
  2. YouTube is an additonal channel to TV and the two will eventually create a hybrid media source
I personally believe that the latter viewpoint is true. My hunch is that the Internet will incorporate more and more video content in time, as:
  • Video cameras become more commonplace & cheaper (quality of mobile phone video)
  • Methods of posting video content to the internet become easier
  • Broadband continues to increase in speed and overall usage
  • People find it more acceptable to communicate and interact in this way

Note: This has already been covered intially in my post 'This time the revolution will be televised', so I'll not go into it again.

But on the other hand there are those who believe that Online Video will bring about the death of TV, particularly in the guise of YouTube. So are we right to ask Buggles to rewrite their song? Or is everyone just getting a little too paranoid?..... errr.... YES!

A recent study by IMMI found that 20% of primetime television viewers are watching some episodic television online and that this grou (the majority of them women) don't have the time to catch everything, so use the online episodes as a way to catch-up on the ones they missed live.

Here's their full report: ttp://

As eMarketer agree, there is no reason to believe that the increase in online video is causing a subsequent drop in TV viewing:

It does then beg the question of where these extra hours are coming from.... perhaps they've stopped listening to 80's radio stations!
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