Friday, April 16, 2010

Agile Digital Strategy

A couple months back I blogged about how I had a bit of thinking time and was planning on moving the direction of my blog. This was to be away from topics personal to me, towards the more strategic side of digital media.

As part of this work, I've been looking at the ways companies can be more agile in the implementation of their digital strategies. This would allow an organisation to be flexible yet following an agreed plan of online activity.

I've therefore decided to use my blog to develop this idea over a number of days. I'll aim to post a series of slides / diagrams and use the post to provide commentary on this, whilst hopefully utilising any comments to develop my thoughts and add value to this process.

This is a new idea for me, which I'm not sure will work, but in trying new methods of strategy planning I hope to learn by my mistakes and successes as I go. Obviously (as I'm posting all this work online) any feedback or comments would be gratefully received.