Monday, April 12, 2010

Nike's Tiger Woods advert... a video clip too far?

Whether your a fan & supporter of Mr Tiger Woods or are still smarting from his infidelity (or just his poor car driving skills), you can't help but have an opinion on the new Nike advert, timed to nicely coincide with the golfer's eagerly-anticipated return to the Master's Tournament.

The advert, featuring Tiger's face, uses the voice-over of his now deceased father (Earl Woods) taken from a 2004 interview for a DVD documentary. The words used, although intended for a different purpose, have a particular relevancy given the media spotlight on his domestic issues and subsequent five-month self-imposed ban from the sport.

So, has Nike gone too far for using Tiger's domestic issues for commercial gain? (and damaging the Nike brand in the process?) Or should it be applauded for addressing the scandal head-on?