Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What your emailed press release says about your PR company

As a blogger and reviewer of books in the in the Internet industry, I get dozens of press releases emailed to me each week.

Some of these are from individuals who are either trying to do their own promotion or very small PR agencies (usually one-man-bands). However the majority are from bigger PR and communication consultancies who think they understand the online / email medium.... and most quite simply don't!

Lets just take the way I am addressed in these emails as the most obvious example of what I mean.

Here's a list of genuine titles I have been given in emails:
  1. Dear Mr Sutherland Hayden
    A clear case of them getting the first name and surname fields in their mail merge software mixed up #fail

  2. Dear Blogger
    To not even bother to find out my name makes me want to read further..... not! #fail

  3. Dear Madam
    Errr.... not the last time I looked! #fail

  4. Dear Press2.0 Communications in a digital world
    A hint: The name of my blog isn't necessarily my real name. #fail

There are, of course, a few more.... but you get the point.

If you are sending out Press Releases by email, at least have a bit of professionalism when you do it or risk looking a complete amateur.