Monday, February 7, 2011

How integrated it digital in your company?

"Oh, we don't have a online strategy, we don't need one"
"A website? I guess we'll get round to thinking about that eventually"
"Lets see how the brand looks on paper before we worry about that Internet stuff"

Sound familiar?

Its amazing these day that companies and the individuals within them are still not sufficiently joining up the communication and engagement channels. For too many the Internet is seen as a "bolt on" to their existing work practices and not an essential tool they need to consider from day one.

So if you find the phases above all-too-familiar, what can you do about it? Here's my suggestions:

1) Market digital at every opportunity
This may seem obvious, but continue to bang the online drum at every opportunity. A lot of senior executives have woken-up to the digital alarm clock and more and more are beginning to realise its effectiveness and usefulness.

2) Stay abreast of the latest and greatest products and thinking.
Don't get caught out by someone saying something like "we've just heard of [online product or service] and wondered what you thought about it"... its these opportunities that can mean the difference between getting a digital project sponsor and not.
Note: Although I would never suggest lying about your knowledge or expertise.

3) Try to stay strategic and business focused
Its not all about the technology.... any digital initiative has either got to make money or save money somehow to be commercially viable in the longer term. Make sure you can justify any proposed investment or at least show how you plan to measure its effectiveness.
Hint: Linking a digital project to the strategic or business aims of the organisation helps!
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