Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your hardest working employee

We're living in a time of austerity. An age where boom and subsequent bust have now been replaced by stagnancy and misplaced optimism about the economy.

Companies of all sized are, quite rightly, looking to get more for the same (or less): car fleets are stretched another year before replacement, machinery is worked through the night to optimise its use and staff are 'requested' to work additional hours to save on salary costs (when in reality, we all know the inference is that unless staff actually work harder and put those extra hours in, they could be added to the list of potential redundancy candidates)

But what about your company website? How hard is it actually working for your business?
It's sat there day and night, designed & built with the aim of getting you more customers or keeping the existing ones serviced and engaged. But is it doing all it could?

Surely your website should be your hardest working employee?

If its not, then talk to your digital agency straight away and see what they suggest....

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