Monday, May 23, 2011

Social Media and Solicitors

How much more proof does anyone need about the power of Social Media? It has an ability to fuel rebellions, topple governments and now revoke superinjunctions handed down by UK judges.

What is not a surprise is that out-of-touch Judges can try to suppress any form of media, old or new. However, what is far more of a shock is the obvious lack of insight about such matters that was displayed by specialist legal company Schillings, the company that recommend that Ryan Giggs chase after Twitter this week. They advised the philandering father to go after the Californian-based social networking site to find out the details of those who posted information about the footballer’s “off the ball” antics.

Are they not aware of the so-called Streisand effect; where those who attempt to hide or remove items online about themselves only make matters worse?
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