Monday, July 9, 2012

What your insurance website UX says about you

I've been reviewing a number of insurance websites lately and have been genuinely surprised by the poor user experience they have.

Its not just a few tiny things either..... There's some pretty important issues you can find if you take the time (and boy have I!). These issues include: a lack of contextual help, incorrect or missing error messaging, system time-outs for no apparent reason and accessibility failings nearly across the board.

Are we actually in the 21st Century?

Surely these pretty basic failings (that are more suited to sites 10 or more years ago) actually tell us something about the companies that create them and rely on them as an important revenue stream?
IMHO is says they are still treating the digital channel as an addition to their traditional business.... Even if the web makes up the majority of their revenue now.

It's not all negatives though. Some insurance company sites I've looked at do cover (most of) these essential requirements and a few provide an intuitive experience that seems to have the right balance of mandatory information fields and optimised user journey. These organisations have obviously taken a more considered and user-centred approach. It shows.

Companies in every market really need to keep developing and evolving their ecommerce experience, with insurance companies being no exception.
Because if you don't, then your users will notice and vote with their mice.
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