Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh... We already have a digital strategy

When I talk to organisations about the need for a strategic plan for implementing online tools and services, I get told "Oh... We already have a digital strategy" or something similar.

I hear this phrase quite a lot and it is typically followed by other quotes such as "We created one of those a couple of years back" or "We had one produced in 2011 by a bunch of consultants, but they didn't understand our business".
My take on this is that the process to create a digital strategy should be:
  1. The development of a vision
    - Where digital benefits are fully utilised & integrated across the organisation
  2. Created
    - By your organisation
    - For your organisation
  3. Owned by your organisation
  4. Supported by:
    - Clear goals and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    - A prioritised portfolio of projects with an achievable delivery road map
But just as importantly for me is that this digital strategy should not be set in stone forever. Yes, it should have board-level approval, but it should not sit in a drawer and gather dust over time, it should be revisited, reviewed and redrafted to accommodate changes in: Technology, People & Processes, your wider Business strategy and any other external factors (e.g. competitors, legislation, etc.).
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