Monday, May 19, 2014

The first 90 days of the Chief Digital Officer

The first ninety days in any job are important. But in such a new and exciting industry as online & digital, the first 3 months in the role of Chief Digital Officer are key.
Here are my thoughts on what should be the main areas to focus of the CDO during this period:
  1. Understand the overall business strategy
    Any digital strategy created must be completely aligned to what the business is planning (Commercial aims,  new products, marketing, etc.)
  2. Learn the culture
    Every organisation has a "way of doing things" and seeing itself. This doesn't have to perpetuate, but it is good to know what sort of people your peers and team around you do and think. Most important is the appetite for change... which can either be a critical success factor or a big nail in the coffin of a lot of the most forward-thinking digital plans.
  3. Set a benchmark
    Recognize which of your competitors (if any) are doing innovative things, or just doing the same stuff but better! 
  4. Identify your stakeholders and make friends
    From marketing and customer insight through to IT and Operations... if you are going to be an agent for inevitable change, you will need to build allies first.
  5. Research your customers
    It's no good setting yourself up to digitize everything if that's not the correct way forward. And it's no good rolling out smartphone apps if all your potential business is using tablets. You don't have to know everything about every one of them, but being able to classify and segment them into target audiences will help you create the most relevant products and experience for them.
  6. Build your vision
    Create an idea of what success looks like. What is the end game of all this change and how does it help the user and company? (Tip: Then give this vision to your strongest critic and ask them for feedback - this will iron out a lot of the wrinkles)
  7. Create the roadmap
    Draw up and digital roadmap of short and longer-term projects & tactical changes that move the organisation forward towards your vision. 
  8. Justify investment
    Where necessary develop businesses cases that explore the investment required to realise the roadmap.
  9. Deliver something quickly
    Nobody is realistically going to wait for you to see out your initial 3 months without some business improvement. This shouldn't be too difficult for any CDO new to the role, as there are always quick wins to be had
  10. Have fun
Have I missed anything?
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