Friday, August 1, 2014

What factors affect your conversion?

Everyone who runs an eCommerce website is hooked on conversion as the vital key performance indicator to improve. And quite rightly…. It is the one metric that tells you how well your website it turning lookers into bookers (or browsers into buyers if you don’t like things rhyming and prefer alliteration instead.).
So what affects conversion? Well there are a number of factors that have an influence including:

  • Usability
    How easy your site is to navigate and transact with
  • Security
    How well your site conveys and actually take steps to ensure the safety of customer data
  • Content
    How well  the site text and imagery informs &  supports the sales process
  • Layout
    It’s not just how much you have on a page, it’s where you put it that counts
  • Speed
    How quickly your site appears & displays affects bounce & therefore conversion
  • Aesthetics
    How it looks also affects how it converts (try changing the colour of a few buttons if you don’t believe me)

All you have to do it find out what works for your customers.
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