Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Building a good Corporate Website

So, who has built a corporate site that works well? Well this should be assessed from the different perspectives of each of your users.

Its recommended when looking to re-do your company's corporate web offering, that you investigate the different information needs of these different users (applying the appropriate weighting based upon what you do and what you can maintain online). Typical example users are: Back in March 2007, commissioned an investigation into which companies provided the best corporate website: The results make for interesting reading and show best-practice in communicating with the different audiences you have.

The table of results is from the Bowen Craggs index:,dwp_uuid=4dce8136-4a24-11da-b8b1-0000779e2340.pdf

Note: A low value (3 out of 12) was given to Wells Fargo’s ‘Contact’ – measuring the efficiency of the points of contact, and also the effective diversion of contacts through FAQs. This will hopefully now improve, given their outward methods of communication using Social Media and Web2.0 technologies more recently.

Using a user-centred approach to content-rich sites should help you create a web offering that matches to the information needs of your targeted audience and help your communicate that much better. It will also help in what is referred to by David Bowen as ‘Construction’, that looks at navigation and coherence of the overall site.
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