Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The New Influencers : Part1

Having said I was going to buy it in a previous post, I recently started to read Paul Gillin's book The New Influencers, about Social Media Marketing. He writes about how the general trends in media are transformed by the new way that people communicate & engage with others & companies. His statement that social media is the “greatest change in market dynamics since television.” will be worrying to a lot of traditional marketers, but ring true to others.

His book immediately resonated with my own thoughts on individual/company influence and his words have moved my own understanding on somewhat.

His book has proved instantly value for come consultancy work I'm doing for one of my current clients. They are considering a large video UGC campaign and wanted to understand the current market situation in a nutshell (pros & cons, including reading Jim Kaskade's article on 'Who's afraid of UGC'). As well as providing them with a breakdown of the landscape, barriers to adoption, etc., I lent one of them the book over the weekend to thumb through.

It seems its done the trick, they are now planning their approach and the book has been ordered by them as instant reference material.

I daresay I'll be writing some more about this book in subsequent postings (and finding some way to make some commission on sales with any luck)
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