Friday, January 18, 2008

Its not all 'About Us'

This was the title of this blog, before changining to 'Communications in a digital world'. I changed it to be focused less around the needs of the corporate website and more focused toward the extended communication between company and its community.

By this, I mean:
1. A customer (this includes: potential customers, users of web-base resources - such as an application, etc.)
2. A researcher (press, academic, shareholder, investor, etc)
3. An influencer (a member of the extended community who has an opinion on the brand, service or product a company produces, and who submits that opinion into the digital world - e.g. via a blog, a comment, a review, etc.)

Its therefore not just centred on the 'About Us' part of the company website, but about the conversation (or monologue) any person has with a company, and how that company needs to understand, measure and act subsequently.
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