Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Hunter vs the fisherman - Part 2

The futility of chasing your content around the web (the hunter) means another approach is required. I've previously mentioned that the trawling (fisherman) analogy is far more apt and others have used this before (thanks Jeremiah)

So how do you go about casting your net to find out where your company information is scattered online?

  • You can use search engines such as Google/Yahoo/MSN etc.

  • You can use sites specific to your industry/vertical etc

  • You can check user-generated media aggregators such as Technorati etc.

However, I was recently made aware of a tool called Brandwatch, a tool that tracks a wide range of various sources (news, blogs, etc.) and measures the mentions of a brand and its sentiment, as well as the source. I'm impressed with this product and think that it provides a really useful way to categorise a significant part of the Blogosphere and other public opinion forums.

Cymphony's Orchestra product is also a clever tool that "integrates innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology with expert analysis to identify the people, issues and trends impacting your business"... although I've yet to see how it works...

The evolution of the trawlerman for discovering the collective sentiment has started.....

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