Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The New Influencers - Part 3

Paul Gillin's book, that I've also covered in previous posts, is proving to be a far more insightful read than I anticipated.

The 3rd Chapter 'The Enthusiasts' covers the friend/enemy creation dilema that every company worries about when they start to deal with the Influencers. One of the biggest concerns at this point is how to identify and solicit their opinions.

In one case study he cites about the Nokia N90 phone, he covers the way that the Enthusiasts were identified and dealt with.

This is a filtering process of:

a. Identify a seasoned professional who can help
In this case, they got Andy Abramson on-board

b. Scour the Internet (blogsphere, Google, Technorati, etc.) for the respected voices
Note: It doesn't say what criteria and weighting he used

c. Whittle your list down to a select a small group of individuals.
Again, it doesn't say how this was exactly done. But 50 people were sent actual product to in advance of the official launch date. I guess 50 may have been a number set by Nokia, but even this is a szeable investment for something they hadn't done before ($600 X 50 = $30,000 retail value).

d. Monitor the response you get fromthese selected individuals.
According to Paul (and Andy I assume), over 40 bloggers responded by writing about the phone.

I do however have a couple of further questions:
1. How did he measure the 'Buzz' created by these 40 bloggers?
2. What would happen if this was a service or a non-tanglible product?
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