Monday, February 18, 2008

The New Influencers - Part 2

I have tried to find out more about the background behind the diagram in Chapter 2 of Paul Gillin's book. This diagram by Cymphony (who's 'Orchestra' tool is apparently very useful for identifying and measuring modern influence) correllates the relationship between traditional media and the more recent digital channels of blogs, usenet & social media.

However, I can't find anything more about it on their website (but did stumble across Jim Nail's blog which I found most illuminating). This was a little annoying, as I was hoping to learn more about their model. It should have moved on since the book was written over a year ago and I am keen to read up more about it.

What this did lead me to though, was the website for the book and Paul Gillin's own blog. Now this man has quite an array of really useful articles (that I'm now going to try and read)
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