Thursday, July 24, 2008

New New Media

Here's a really interesting interview Mark Molaro has with Paul Levinson, Fordham University's Chair of Communication and Media Studies.

He discusses the way media is still changing and how the academic landscape is evolving in the digital age. He especially covers how consumers have also eventually become the producers and the impact this has.

However he states that Mass (Old) Media has a role in society, but its role is changing and evolving. He believes that here is now a trade off in two competing trends.

  • "Gate-kept" media, who check and edit all content
  • Everyone producing content, with no checks

He thinks that we have had too long of the first point and that the Web2.0 era has eventually given the second point its opportunity now.

He also challenges Information Overload and states:

"The damage is done when we have too little, not too much information"

Food for thought methinks.

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