Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where's the Twitter Press Release service?

Back in February last year I covered the topic of the Social Media News/Press Release (which had already been in existence for a year)

This was the evolution of the normal press release distributed online, that also included: URL's keywords, feeds, etc. (depending upon which verision you employed). I therefore thought it was therefore only a matter of time before the Twitter press release arose.

By this, I don't just mean that now companies have the chance to link to their own press releases in their organisation's 140 character tweets..... Many companies have now set up Twitter identities as part of their corporate communications strategies, in the same way that they did with corporate blogs in 2008 (or before).

And no I don't mean sites that are simply collections of tweet postings from journalists such as: or

I mean a proper service that specifically aggregates just Press Releases that appear on Twitter and enables you to filter them by subject, market sector and other attributes.

To date, the best service I have used is and I have then carried out searches for "press release xxxxxx", but with limited success.

Have I spotted a gap in the market or missed a key site out there?

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