Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Amazon Kindle available to UK from today

Good news. From today people in the UK (and a 100+ other country residents that have been asking for it) who want to ligitimately obtain an Amazon Kindle, can buy one.

Today a letter from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been posted up to visitors of its UK site informing them that its now available and you can download 250,000 books as well as Uk & International newspapers.

The catch?
You have to buy the 'USA & International version' from Luckily the $279 price of the basic (Kindle2) version has been slashed by $60 since July. Therefore at the current exchange rate, this makes it an attractive £175.60!
Note: They do seem to be out of stock right now....

Oh, there's no word yet on when a similar international version of the flashier Kindle DX will be available.
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