Friday, October 30, 2009

NewsNow provides more detail about its threats

Struan Bartlett has given us further insight into the threats made by the major (National and Regional) UK newspapers.

In his new open Q&A session ( he states that the newspaper groups are demanding control & money on the grounds of Copyright Law. As Struan is clear to point out, there is no specific UK law that allows news aggregators and intermediaries to do what they do, just as there a no laws to allow you to do a lot of things in business an (most laws say what you CANNOT do).

Perhaps it may be the right time to go to court to resolve this... I just wonder if Google will get dragged into the fight, as there is every indication that the newspaper groups don't want them involved (maybe because they will have a bigger and better legal team?)

in reference to:

"They claim copyright law as a legal justification."
- NewsNow: Free Linking Q&A (view on Google Sidewiki)

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