Thursday, March 25, 2010

Search Patterns

A guest posting today from Mark Walsh, as I am in a dentist chair in West London having some extensive work done. I've asked Mark to provide a review of Search Patterns by Peter Morville and Jeffery Callender:

Search Patterns is definitely as book for those who have a genuine interest in the subject rather than just a curiosity as it is very specific on the one subject matter, and at times does require some concentration to digest the content.

The book initially covers how search plays a part in our lives regardless of whether we use the internet or not. Although it’s an eye opener and good background, this does seem to continue for too long and I was left wondering when the book would really get started.

The book comes to life more once different search terms and results are covered and at this stage I did feel I was either learning, or having things pointed out to me that I already knew but had not necessarily observed consciously.

Mobile phones are covered extensively throughout the book and importance is iterated regarding aspects such as how search fields need to have suggested search to minimise use of the keypad, and search result pages have to cater for the smaller screen.

I do find that now when I use search, I am not just looking at the results but thinking much more about the types of results I am being presented with, the content in the result, what images or social network links I am also being presented with, and the page layout presented to support the device I am using to search with.

Mark Walsh is consultant Retail Systems Business Analyst and Test Manager, who is currently working alongside me on an eCommerce project for a major high street retailer.