Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Communications Blessing, And Curse

Today the article "The Rise and Rise of Social Media: A Communications Blessing, And Curse" was published on, the Middle East and North African equivalent of the Huffington Post. The article authored by my friend and colleague Andrew Mackay (with a little assistance from yours truly), covers the clash between traditional (professional) PR and modern day social platforms that make a PR (amateur) our of every blogger and tweeter.

There is no doubt now that social media has created a modern day revolution... but there's also a lot of meaningless noise generated in the digital echo chamber, where rumour turns to fact and that then turns into action or sentiment (however well-meaning or misguided that may be).

I agree with Andrew's title for his article, in that Social Media is a communication blessing, primarliy by connecting indviduals from anywhere and any background. But is also a curse.... and its therefore up to us to find out how to understand and master that double-edged sword.
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