Thursday, June 16, 2011

Average conversion rates - important differentiation points

I have a new article published in the website, this time on website conversion. The article centres around the key fact that there is anything but an average conversions rate for an eCommerce site and that different traffic from different sources converts differently too.

I think its important for transactional site to understand one principle.... all traffic is not equal and there is significant differentiation between conversion rates (and average order values too) depending upon the source of the traffic and other factors, such as the keywords they type into search engines.

In the real world this is perhaps easier to spot. For example: a car dealer may realise that a smartly-dressed person, pulling up in a 3 year old vehicle of the same make is more likely to buy a replacement one than someone being dropped-off by a bus or by the way they dress... even perhaps in the words they use when initially asking for a test drive.

And the same thing applies online, you just have to know what those things are and set out your site accordingly.

Here's the article in full:
Please let me know what you think of it.
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