Saturday, September 15, 2012

Google enters UK insurance comparison market

The big news in the UK motor insurance market over the last few days has to be the entrance of a new comparison site. Usually this wouldn't be big thing, as there are a number of established players already fighting over each other to grab the remaining market share from the insurance companies they supply with leads.
However in case you're not aware, this isn't just another small startup hoping to grab a small but growing piece of the action. This is one of the biggest Internet companies out there..... Google.

Now, when searching for things such as "cheap car insurance", in addition to a couple of pay-per-click adverts appearing about the search results.... you now also get a box sponsored by Google above the search results that then takes you into a price comparison engine process that compares prices from over 120 insurance companies and brokers.

So whilst this means that insurance companies now have a new and significant entrant into the market that has a considerable influence over the search market (to say the least), I can't help but think that this move by Google is a more significant one for the aggregators.
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