Friday, September 14, 2012

The church of Apple

I don't know if it is just me, but has anyone else noticed the similarity between the modern Apple stores and churches?
This occurred to me when I was in my local Apple store only last week and then I started to see just how similar the technical Mecca is to a church.
Here's some things I found similar:

  • Wooden bench seats arranged like pews in two parallel lines down the middle of the store
  • Bright product posters / adverts lit from behind and high up on walls looking like the modern equivalent of stained glass windows
  • A guru bar at altar height, with a smiling person stood behind it with the Apple logo around their neck
  • A six pointed emblem (the 'Genius bar' logo) looking incredibly like the Star of David
Perhaps this goes some way to explaining the religious-like following that Apple has built up in recent years.

However if you want to full ecclesiastical experience, you should try visiting the London Covent Street branch.
Note: Image used is copyright to Kitty Hill
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