Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Video, its all about YouTube

There are a number of video websites out there and there is a lot of viewing going on. In fact online video is being blamed for the demise of traditional USA TV watching.

In a recent survey by Universal McCann on Social Media, to the question "Thinking about using the internet, which of the following have you ever done?", the number of people who have watched video clips online is:
Daily: 22%
Weekly: 37%
Monthly: 16%

That makes a total of 75% of the 'Active Internet Universe' (their term, not mine) who watch clips relatively frequently.

However if you're considering where to put your video company assets online are only two rules you really need to know:

  1. It’s all about YouTube
  2. It’s all about YouTube
Following its now somewhat distant acquisition by Google in October 2006, YouTube has continued to rule the online video landscape. Today in the United States, YouTube dominates online video more than Google dominates search.

But brands are making big waves using online video, either is an entirely positive way or otherwise. For example, this clip of disney videos is corrupted in a powerful and wonderful AvenueQ-type way. In no way is this part of the original Disney philosphy:

However, if you are new to online video and want to know how you can still produce cost-effective clips at reasonable quality, then this guide by Duncan Riley may well help.
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